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Elegant One Bedroom Apartment

Rooms: 5

Rent: $0.00



Gorgeous 4 Bedroom in Modern Bld.

Rooms: 7

Rent: $13,000.00


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Welcome to Green Homes NYC, your full-service real estate firm with a modern green twist! Located conveniently in the heart of Manhattan's Flatiron District, Green Homes NYC is a family owned and operated boutique real estate firm specializing in the sale and rental of apartments all over New York City. Whether you're looking for a short-term lease, a luxury rental or to buy the home of your dreams, Green Homes NYC can help you achieve these ends with the utmost attention and commitment to customer service. Our team boasts centuries of aggregate real estate experience while our rigorous training program ensures that only the top brokers and agents make the cut. Give us a call today and take the first step towards going green with your dream apartment!


Featured Properties for Sale


242 E.19th Street #3D


Rent: $920,000.00





Rent: $375.00



3626 Kings Highway

Rooms: 2

Rent: $82,000.00


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