SoHo is named for its location: South of Houston Street. It is bounded roughly by Houston Street on the north, Lafayette Street on the east, Canal Street on the south, and Varick Street on the west.

What was once considered an outcast neighborhood because it was industrial neighborhood is now one of the most fashionable and desirable places to live in New York City. By restoring the old warehouses into spacious and attractive lofts, Soho first was a place for poor artists to live and showcase their larger than life pieces has become a trendy place to live and the area flourished. The residents in this neighborhood are mostly well-to-do professionals and still a lot of artists; many celebrities live here as well. Several new hotels have also opened in the area making Soho a desirable place for international tourists.

The neighborhood is popular with European tourists because of its upscale shopping. From Chanel to Prada, SoHo has become an extension of Madison Avenue, with the same stores offering more distinctly downtown trendy pieces. Nineteenth century warehouse cast iron architecture characterizes the neighborhood as does the many loft spaces located above the shops. It has long considered one of the most ?in? neighborhoods in the city, and as a result the weekends can be a bit busy with tourists both foreign and from other neighborhoods coming to shop and be seen. The hustle and bustle is mainly on Broadway and its intersecting cobblestone streets.

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