Short Term or Corporate Relocation

 The Five (5) Most Popular Reasons for Choosing a Short-Term Rental

Occasionally, a short-term rental apartment (a rental period of less than one year) can be a better choice than a long-term rental. If your situation should all into any of the following categories, you may want to consider a short term rental:

1. Temporary Housing - You may need a short-term rental in a situation where temporary housing is required such as displacement due to a fire or natural disaster. 

2. Corporate Housing - Whether you’re an executive or an employee whose job requires working in another city, you may benefit from a short-term rental. If you’re required go out-of-town on a temporary assignment, a short-term rental will provide living arrangements more similar to a home than a hotel.
Many companies specialize in assisting executives who need short term housing. These companies can customize your living arrangements to include services such as high-speed Internet access, telephone service or cable TV.
If you are permanently relocating to another state, a short-term rental allows you to begin working in your new job immediately without the stress of finding a place to stay.  It will also give you some more time to search for a permanent home.

3. An Alternative to a Hotel for Non-Vacation Travel - There may be a time when you have to stay in another city to assist a family member in need. A short-term rental apartment offers you the opportunity to be there for that individual yet still lets you have your personal space.

4. An Alternative to a Hotel for Vacationers - Planning a trip to New York?  Any time you’re traveling (domestically or abroad); a short-term rental apartment may be a better option than staying in a hotel. An apartment gives you more living space (which is a necessity if you’re traveling with your family or planning to entertain).
Having a kitchen in your apartment permits you to cook which could reduce what you spend on food and lets you make healthier food choices.
Additionally, renting an apartment provides a more authentic experience of what it’s like to live in a particular city.

5. Home Renovations - The process of renovating your primary residence can create a less than stellar living environment.  A short-term rental can minimize the disruption to your daily life and make it easier for the contractors to complete the work that needs to be done as scheduled.
Relocating cities for work or on an otherwise short-term basis can be a complicated and painstaking process. At Green Homes NYC we handle all the grunt work for you and make the process as easy and efficient as possible. Our trained team of relocation experts will work with you to determine the most important factors to you in finding a new home and search to find the perfect place for you. We work with a number of buildings on an exclusive giving us access to one of the largest inventory of apartments in the city, and we can find a property to match any unique situation you may be in. We can also work with you to get the lease term that will best match your unique requirements. Give us a call or email us here today with details of your relocation and let us handle the rest!

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