Sellers' Guide


Looking to make your home look more valuable? Maybe it's in preparation to sell, or maybe you'd just like to upgrade things a bit. Here are our 5 most impactful, and easy, ways to add some value... over night!

  1. Modernize lighting to make sure that the home is bright and cheerful

  2. Organize your closets to make them feel spacious

  3. If old, purchase up-to-date appliances that will make the kitchen look new

  4. Refinish floors and paint walls where needed

  5. Have all windows washed to maximize light and views

The Five Other Factors Affecting the Sale of Your Property

Whether you own a co-op or a condo...a house or a building...Five factors determine the outcome of the sale of your property.  Each factor is either under your control, your broker's control, or cannot be controlled. All the factors combine to influence how prospective purchasers might value your property.

Value is the key to every sale, wouldn't you say? Different people value different things.  Yet, most people value many of the same things. Sellers of property must always put the sale prospects of their property into the context of a value analysis. That implies numbers and trends and data. However, the problem emerges that ultimately value analysis never takes emotion into consideration.

Real Estate is highly emotional.

People buy either after careful consideration or impulsively.


Well, "it is what it is". You cannot move it. Location is the very first thing people consider when purchasing a property. We all know the clich "location...location... location".

Sometimes people have a preconceived notion about living in a certain location, but cannot afford to do so. Other people must live in a certain location because their "peers" do. From budget to luxury, location is always the first thought.

We can also assign amenities to the location category, because amenities would characterize the building itself as well as the neighborhood.

Your broker will always relate the location of your property to a value analysis.


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