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As if you need convincing…Here are the “10 Best Reasons to Live in Manhattan” according to the New York Daily News:

10 Best Reasons to Live in Manhattan, New York City

10.  Reasonable Cab Rides - I prefer to walk everywhere over taking the train or cab.  Sometimes though, you are too drunk or tired from the party to make it on a walk or by train.  Other times you might just have your hands full from shopping for new items for your apartment.  No worries the ride is not going to be 30 bucks, you live in Manhattan now.

9.  More Recreational Options - There is so much more to do in Manhattan, NYC and the amenities are unparalleled by any other area in the US.  When I first started jogging in Manhattan I noticed I could go much further distances without getting tired.  There were so many buildings, restaurants, views, and parks to see I was distracted from getting tired.  Almost anything is at your fingertips in Manhattan from clothing, jewelry, food, wine, shopping, music, services, and culture.  See NYC’s Restaurants & Food, NYC Events & Attractions, Shows & Concerts, Museums, and Parks & Recreation.

8.  Easier to Manage Your Life with Your Pet - You cannot take pets on subways so having a pet, a social life, and working can be hard to manage.  With all the time you save from your commute spend some extra time caring for your pet.  Take your dog for a walk or to a local dog run in Manhattan.  Exercise, socialization, and obedience is necessary for a happy, healthy dog and your daily walk and visit to the dog run will reinforce this.  Plus, you won’t feel guilty going out without having time to give them their daily exercise or grooming.

7.  Dating is Easier - Let’s face it, when you are dating or have met someone you really like, it is hard to convince them to travel 45 minutes on the train to be with you.  You will have no worries when you tell that special someone you live in Manhattan.

6.  Safety - Living in lower rent neighborhoods in the outer boroughs has a downfall.  Sometimes these areas are less safe than living in a prime Manhattan neighborhood.

5. A Convenient Commute to Work – That extra hour or two out of the day is spent traveling to and from work when you live far away.  Save time and money on the commute by living closer to your Manhattan job.
4.  You May Get Out More Often and Meet More People - This leads to being more social and expanding your social circle.  Additionally, you will get more exercise by walking more often.  Apartments are much smaller in Manhattan and parks are located all over the city so you have more incentive to get out.  You will more likely acquaint yourself with local business owners and neighborhood bars as well.  

3.  Cooking isn’t a Necessity – Although home cooking is usually healthier, you can live in NYC without using your oven or stove.  They don’t call it the city that never sleeps for nothing.  You can pick up or order food for delivery from local restaurants within minutes of your apartment practically 24 hours a day. 

2.  Bars close at 4 am - Sure the bars close late everywhere in the outer boroughs too but how many do you have to choose from and how easily can you get to them?

1.  A Car isn’t a Necessity - Cars, including maintenance, gas, insurance, parking, tickets, tolls, and city tags cost owners thousands of dollars annually.  Save all of that money and put it towards your increased Manhattan rent.  When you break it down living in an outer borough and owning a car is not much cheaper than living in Manhattan.  Plus, you never need a designated driver from clubs or to drive endlessly looking for parking.

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